Developer API documentation


These endpoints provide ordered lists of entities, based on either the most recent unit of timeseries data or various kinds of analysis on the timeseries (e.g. approximation of accelerationy).


Calls are of the form:[uuid]?token=YOURAPIKEY[&options]

Where uuid is a chart uuid (see below) and options are and desired calltime options, separated by & and specified as key=value. token=YOURAPIKEY must be given.


The following command:


will produce this json response:

  "response": {
      "class": "chart",
      "data": [
              "artist": {
                  "class": "artist",
                  "id": "d63c13f693fa43d49a399380c122c57d",
                  "musicbrainz": "1a425bbd-cca4-4b2c-aeb7-71cb176c828a",
                  "name": "One Direction"
              "rank": 1,
              "value": 530.9939
              "artist": {
                  "class": "artist",
                  "id": "74d4539c16624efc9471c5a93292c6e7",
                  "musicbrainz": "e0140a67-e4d1-4f13-8a01-364355bee46e",
                  "name": "Justin Bieber"
              "rank": 2,
              "value": 437.8693
              "artist": {
                  "class": "artist",
                  "id": "c7e0d21185ad4cfbbdb2288d4a155a20",
                  "musicbrainz": "48a6d065-1fda-4280-ae39-df1394d419cd",
                  "name": "Lee Brice"
              "rank": 200,
              "value": 3.5206
      "end_time": 1336176000,
      "id": "2775b681db754a64a87e13637e602979",
      "name": "high_flyers_fans_total",
      "next_id": null,
      "now_id": "c6db7136d639444d9ab54a3c66e0b813",
      "period": 86400,
      "previous_id": "a2a46b06fa3847a5bc2d8c53c41e99f3",
      "start_time": 1336089600
  "success": true


Available Charts

Overall Rankings

These charts are built using all known artists, for the specified metric. Top 200 is returned.

Chart Name UUID
fans adds last day bb789492225c4c4da2e15f617acc9982
fans adds last week a5e7dbdfcd984dc28c350c26a2e703c0
fans daily high flyers c6db7136d639444d9ab54a3c66e0b813
fans total 6aacf495049d4de99c809b0ad8120c39
video views last day 1574c43703344292a753fecf0f793c2e
video views last week b0de4888427d46ac8f599f2f6d51e293
video views total 3040cc0f02ed4dd1a2da9ea95c9a8272
new comments last day d21e3cd170924bcd8874ec15d84b64f1
new comments last week 75f972a32f3547e197668d545f4cda1d
comments total 7908e358427f4efe9f5aac6df69bfcbd
plays last day d527eeba4bdc42178b49d977b375936f
plays last week 627b42c981d4413b83191efd8183a982
plays daily high flyers b857276b34cf488f9a934765c3281af7
plays total 7a614a370a2848b29c156e27dde582c8
page views last day bb789492225c4c4da2e15f617acc9982
page views last week a5e7dbdfcd984dc28c350c26a2e703c0
page views daily high flyers 33e77c5fcb06412193995c9a4bb054f4
page views total 3040cc0f02ed4dd1a2da9ea95c9a8272
downloads (P2P) daily high flyers 2960402fc260409c8bcd75b00d8dc4c8