Developer API documentation

ID Schemas

Data for entities can be requested using Semetric UUIDs or a number of third-party IDs.

To request data for an entity using a third-party ID, this should be prefixed with the id type as follows:[entity_type]/[idtype]:[id]/[dataset]?[arguments]

Currently the valid ID prefixes include:

  • facebook
  • freebase
  • imdb
  • instagram
  • lastfm
  • musicmetric (old integer artist IDs)
  • musicbrainz
  • myspace
  • songkick
  • soundcloud
  • spotify
  • twitter
  • vevo
  • wikipedia


The following are all equivalent ways (not exhaustive) to refer to the artist Ladytron:

  • Semetric UUID:


  • musicbrainz ID:


  • artist name:


  • songkick artist name:


  • twitter artist id:


The following examples give equivalent results using different ID schemes, and retrieve basic information from the API including the Semetric UUID and entity name, in this case the band Ladytron:[api_key][api_key][api_key]

The response is:

  "success": true
    "id": "32e628734a6a4100834a05032a909813",
    "name": "Ladytron"

If the ID doesn’t exist or our system doesn’t know about it this will generate a JSON response with a 404 error code. For example:[api_key]

returns the following error:

  "success": false,
    "msg": "This resource could not be found",
    "code": 404