Developer API documentation

A brief introduction

Click to Signup for a free non-commercial API key.

The current public API documentation does not contain details of all endpoints. Please get in touch for further details.

So what is it?

The Musicmetric API provides RESTful access to the data used in our products.

The API provides data for hundreds of thousands of artists. If you’d need a list of artists to get started with whatever you’re building, why not try one of our Charts. We provide the following data and services:

Using the API

Some general rules:

  • Please contact us at for anything related to the API
  • If you want to use the API commercially please contact us. If you’re a company using it to make a hack or dataviz – that’s fine. If you’re bulk scraping the data and using it in your product that’s not.
  • Be nice. Please don’t access our API using your data centre full of web-crawlers. Keep requests to a maximum of 2 per second.
  • If you are making a web-based hack, please include our logo to acknowledge your use of our API by deep linking to this logo image
  • Let us know if you’ve made anything cool using our API - we’d love to see it!