Developer API documentation

Entity Lists

These endpoints provide listing of entities which are associated with a given event or group. List endpoints are principally used to group all artists performing at festivals.


Calls are of the form:[uuid]?token=YOURAPIKEY[&options]

Where uuid is a list uuid (see below) and options are and desired calltime options, seperatated by & and specified as key=value. token=YOURAPIKEY must be given.


The following command (this is the uuid for 2011 Sonar):


will produce this json response:

{"response": {
    "entities": [
        {musicbrainz": "d2f4a968-1f6e-4a4a-9376-ee2b2a50c87a",
        "class": "artist",
        "id": "f7e92ec68de84d7a8ab77814802d70f1",
        "name": "Boys Noize"},
        {"musicbrainz": "17d69e72-9cf2-496f-aa64-ba238de2087e",
        "class": "artist",
        "id": "480140a9b6e540d2bd3f3d6645bd15ca",
        "name": "Moodymann"},
        {"musicbrainz": "af00a9f6-bb2f-4b5f-a23e-1e3b6f66d0a7",
        "class": "artist",
        "id": "fee733e9fe0d494b865ec844721a90f4",
        "name": "Thompson"},
        {"musicbrainz": "6080c60a-6e87-44a6-a1e1-e5ff3a613818",
        "class": "artist",
        "id": "779a54a6e3db4f64acd9a3c54b10d7c4",
        "name": "Kid Koala"},
        {"musicbrainz": "c213a6be-4194-440d-a13c-dba56d317921",
        "class": "artist",
        "id": "0b147eee71cf429da1118b8297ba37d8",
        "name": "Redinho"}],
    "class": "list",
    "id": "753bc4f77aa344ce844ac38b218963a6",
    "name": "Sonar 2011"},
"success": true}

Available Lists

Glastonbury 2011 : 9c52b09bf2e945e2b55bdb00f778db13
Leeds & Reading 2011 : ab120eae960a8436f80d91d9bed08b7b
Hop Farm 2011 : baadde20191944d5afe18433f7ca788d
Bestival 2011 : 12a5ad9e6725478db7345366175ecef3
Green Man 2011 : 9014c59311c1459195bd37a8f72a526b
Womad 2011 : 75b918eff35e4445b96b9573d018120b
Standon Calling : 6225acf9d5814f26be3da1c4a179dcd0
Sonar 2011 : 753bc4f77aa344ce844ac38b218963a6
Sonisphere UK 2011 : 702daf86df9a42f6b56033559d826df5
End of the Road 2011 : eb87307a17074d0ca1d99b19d9e2f86a
The Big Chill 2011 : 43a9738c916b4f50b2909d3753438553
Latitude 2011 : 9c7260a1202c42a7a2522951728f2821
Secret Garden Party 2011 : 428f4f13ed544d9aa52b3e43e5994f8f